Ooooooh what’s this mum? It tastes good!

Savoury Cookie!

Meet Ginger Biscuit the 3rd (also know as Cookie) our crazy Syrian Hamster. We have had Cookie since September 2019, and we believe he was roughly 6 months old when we adopted him as a rescue.

When we got him he was really tame, but we did have to work with him for a fair while before he would let us hold him. Being held isn’t his favourite past time, he would much rather try and escape, but he is happy to let the kids hold and stroke him.

His favourite foods are Whimzees dog toothbrushes, cheese, grapes and blueberries. It appears however, he may also have a love for chicken tikka masala and rice.

Cheeky hammy in the food bag!
Cuteness overload (in Moo’s toy car)

Hope you enjoyed meeting our littlest member of the family!

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