What do you do when you…..

Have a broken wheelchair on the school run!

Excuse my resting bitch face!

Yep, this happened to me this morning. I noticed my chair was playing up when we first got out of the house. The lights for my battery power and speed were flashing and turning off as if the motor was set to off (pushing mode). I messed around and checked connections, and managed to get the kids to school. HOWEVER I turned the chair off to get the things from the back, and then when I turned it back on it wouldn’t move!

The yellow wire snapped – picture shows first stage repair

It turns out that the wire had got caught in the closing mechanism, and had literally been snapped in two. I am lucky that Dan is good at fixing things. We went to B&Q and picked up heat shrink, and to Screwfix and bought a heat gun. We came home and Dan twisted the wire together (picture above) and then soldered it to secure the connection (see picture below).


He then covered the join in heat shrink and heated it with the gun.

Heat shrinking.

Thank goodness it was Dan’s day off work or who knows what I would have done, I may have still been stuck at the kids school, and it’s currently raining!

Happy weekend to you all xx

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