3 year anniversary

Today marks 3 years since I was told “I’m really sorry but we are 95% positive that you have a very aggressive breast cancer in your left breast. We will wait for the biopsies to come back and discuss you in our Friday meeting and get your treatment started as soon as possible.”

I had grade 3C cancer, with the lumps being so deep seated you couldn’t feel them, one of them was over 11cm long. I endured months of chemo, being very ill with a hospital stay, damage to my heart, breast removal surgery and complications afterwards and radiotherapy, but in January 2021 I was finally one year treatment and cancer free.

I would not wish this on anyone, and if you or anyone you know are going through a cancer journey, please do reach out to me, I am always willing to offer whatever support and understanding I can.

I couldn’t have done this journey without my amazing family, friends who are family, friends and medical staff, and I will forever be great full to them all.

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