Let’s talk about jelly belly, birth, c-sections and intertrigo! (Warning, it’s a long one!)

Me and CJ, the first time holding him.

In May 2012 I found out that I was expecting my gorgeous little man. I won’t lie I struggled through my pregnancy and was really poorly with hospital stays for hyperemesis and kidney problems related to that.

I saw my new midwife (I had just moved from Castleford to Hull at this point) at 36+5, she told me everything was fine, he was engaged head down and ready to come. We even discussed me having a water birth.

My then partner (sons dad) worked night shifts, and with me being so poorly, I was staying with my parents in Castleford for a few nights so I had someone with me should anything happen.

On 3rd February 2013 at roughly 9:30am, sat on the “shelf bed” in my mum and dads spare room, sending a message to all my pregnancy buddies my waters broke, and they didn’t stop gushing, which explained why I had never felt him kick me. I was due to give birth in Hull, so had to be driven over there by my dad.

We saw a midwife and she tried to find his heart beat – which they found up near my right breast – now correct me if I am wrong, but that would be where his legs were if he was engaged. I could also finally feel kicking in my foof, I expressed this and was told he was head down etc. I wasn’t dilated at all.

I was discharged and we went for a sneaky KFC (I am gluten intolerant and KFC is not on my allowed list however I hadn’t eaten a proper meal in months, and I was no longer feeling sick).

After eating we went home and Tris slept as he was on nights. The pain and the kicking got worse and I rang and went back in. Again they struggled to find his heart beat, and it was near my breast, but I wasn’t dilated so they sent me home with 1 tramadol for the pain (I’m allergic to pain relief).

At 4am on Monday 4th February 2013 I rang the hospital and told them I was coming in and I wasn’t leaving. We drove in through a snow storm, and when we got there they checked but I still wasn’t dilated. This time however I was on the delivery ward, and they were concerned they couldn’t get his heart beat. They fast paged a doctor who felt and ordered an immediate scan. It turned out he was breech, I went from 0 to 10 cm dilated in 10 minutes. They rushed me into theatre and did an emergency c-section and at 5:50am our little pain in the bum was born.

We spent 6 days in the hospital due to him not latching, and having jaundice. I was discharged to constant midwife care (every day visits) on Saturday 9th February, even though we shouldn’t have been discharged, but it was effecting my mental health.

C-section scar today (June 2021) after air drying and creaming.

Not long after I was discharged my c-section scar became very painful and started weeping, turning red, hot, itchy, painful and it had a smell. My then GP didn’t know what it was, so I was sent to see a specialist at Spire who diagnosed intertrigo. I was given a special wash, cream and a steroid cream to use which cleared it up. The reason for the intertrigo is quite simply because I’m fat. My fat pouch over hangs my section scar, it makes it warm, it sweats and then the bacteria starts attacking my skin. The only way to reduce this is loosing weight, however, I don’t find loosing weight easy, especially in a wheelchair and with so many intolerances to food, but I know I need to get my head down and loose it somehow.

Sorry this has been a long post, and probably not that exciting to read, but it’s out there to help those who have the same condition as I do. I know how it can effect your life, it can have a massive impact.

If you got to the end, thank you for being here and reading my waffle.

Love and hugs

SJ xxx

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