Who are you to judge our hobbies?

I logged on to both my Instagram and Facebook account this morning to find this posted by a close friend

Posted by my friend Isa/Liz

Isa/Liz makes video content using online gaming platforms, mainly Second Life. Her videos are amazing (I should know, I played second life for a long long time, that is how we met, and I am in some of the videos).

Isa/Liz has always suspected that people made fun of this, but finally got concrete proof. This not only saddens me, but it infuriates me too. What gives someone the right to tease another person about some thing they are good at, and something they love and also aids their mental health? Would they like it if we took the piss out of their hobby, maybe they crochet or knit, if we called them a “Granny” would they like it? If they play “video games” (like Dan does – he gets called a geek by us, his family, but he calls himself that too) would they like it if we called them names? If they are a musician (I am and I have had this more than once) would they like it if we made comments about that? The answer is no, they wouldn’t. So what makes it right for them to do so? The answer is NOTHING.

This is Liz/Isa’s YouTube channel – go over and check some of her amazing work out, tell her that I sent you! https://youtube.com/c/IsabelleCheren

Just think, next time you are opening your mouth to criticise someone, shut it and think first, wether it be to their face or behind their back, what you say will always get back to them. Also remember, what goes around comes around!

This is my Second Life avatar