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Self care…..

Everyone needs self care in their life. It is essential to maintain our hygiene, but what happens when self care leaves you so exhausted that you literally cannot move.

Post self care!

I have just had a shower. I did the essentials, I washed my hair, and washed my body, but that was it. I look like chewbacca, my legs need shaving desperately, but just washing my hair and my body has left me exhausted, feeling dizzy, having minor palpitations, shaking and believe it or not, it makes me sweat – figure that one out!

I have a turban towel to wrap my hair up, and I have a hooded poncho towel that is designed for getting changed in public (beach/swimming pool Etc). I throw those on, and lay down on another towel so the bed doesn’t get wet, whilst my skin air drys. This is particularly helpful for my intertrigo to let air get to my skin.

I am not sleeping well at the moment, so I had a shower using my sleepy shower gel from Lush (it’s my joint favourite alongside Snow Fairy) as the scent helps me relax. I would love to be able to have a soak in the bath, but that is a no no, my bath chair doesn’t allow for soaking, hence having a shower. I’m also itching all over my body, especially my face, which isn’t fun. The itching is usually a pain response, but not sure what is triggering this today.

As we head into a new week what do you do to practice self care? Why not send me some hints that I can try out!

Lots of love xxx

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Kiss my pizza loving a** Pizza Hut, you just lost my business. 👩🏼‍🦼🍕

I love pizza, I could eat pizza for breakfast, dinner (lunch to people outside the UK), tea (evening meal) and for supper. I have an intolerance to gluten and dairy, which as you can imagine, makes eating pizza difficult, HOWEVER Pizza Hut came up with a method to remedy my lack of pizza. At least once a month we, as a family treat will order 2 family pizzas, sides, a individual meal for me and a drink. I could have my favourite, ham and pineapple (I know, go for it and throw the disgust at me) on gluten free base with vegan cheese, and it was frankly yummy!

During lockdown our Hut got rid of all their drivers, which meant we had to go through Uber or Just Eat.

I’m not sure if it’s common in other places, but we have a reward system where you could earn “slices” and if they built up you could get a full family sized pizza. During the covid lockdown, I was housebound due to my health and couldn’t get to our Hut. My slices expired (bearing in mind I couldn’t contact them directly to ask for the slices to be used) and now they have re-installed their drivers and ordering system I decided we would have pizza on Friday. Imagine my shock when the slices have gone. I was basically told it was tough, I lost them and I could have travelled (in a wheelchair) 20 minutes to go collect the pizza and use my slices!

Bellow are images of the conversation I had with a member of the staff – I won’t be eating with the company anymore.


Muuuuuuuuum I can hear the ice cream van, can we have one???????

This image is one of my children’s favourite in the whole world……

Our local Mr Whippy van

The above image is of the ice cream vans that come on to our street. We have got to know the owners (more so Mr Whippy as he comes onto our street) of the company as their step-grandson is one of CJ’s best friends at school.

They do some amazing creations, including Nutella sundaes, sherbert cones, bubblegum sundaes, waffles, slushes, ice lollies….. the list goes on. In this house CJ usually had a single cone with 2 flakes (you get twice the amount of ice cream than you do with anyone else) and Moo goes between the sherbert cone with a flake (as does Dan, who likes bubblegum sauce on his too). My favourite, (even though I should not have it due to my intolerance to dairy) is a tub with a flake, juice and bits.

If you are near to the Castleford area, go look on their Facebook page, they also cater for weddings, parties, corporate events, fairs etc.