July 19th 2021 – is it too soon!

A photo taken of British people protesting lockdown

On Monday 19th July 2021 life in the UK is to go back to “normal” no more masks, no more restrictions, pubs and clubs can open as they please, as can restaurants, with no maximum number, people can have parties and mix with others they may or may not know.

The thing that they are not telling you is that numbers are shooting through the roof. Where I live near Leeds, one of our main hospitals is already full with covid+ patients, the 2nd is on its way to being full, the staff have been put on high alert (which means my partner’s department will be closed and he will have to transfer to other areas to cover the staff needed to cover covid icu).

I did a poll on my Instagram the other day, and lots of friends say they will carry on wearing masks. The NHS have also made the suggestion that all its staff are expected to wear a mask whenever out, and treat it as though we haven’t eased restrictions.

They are predicting a steep incline (and it has already had a massive upturn with more cases in the last week then we had last autumn, and to be honest, I’m expecting to be back in lockdown again by the end of September.

Stay safe and please be responsible for the sake of my partner, his colleagues and all of us who are compromised due to disabilities.