My bra feels pretty, oh so pretty……

Since having my mastectomy in December 2018 I have pretty much lived in my very unflattering, drab, ugly post surgery bra.

M&S front fastening post surgery bra.

Now while this bra is super comfy and easy to wear, it’s not the nicest looking really is it. However, when you have massive boobs (I’m a GG/H cup), it doesn’t leave you with much choice!

You can find the post surgery bra here https://www.marksandspencer.com/post-surgery-flexifit-full-cup-bra-a-h/p/clp60451105?intid=mobile_app_pdp_share

A while back I was scrolling through Instagram (as you do) and came across a advert for Tutti Rouge underwear. I scrolled through their website and came across several gorgeous lace bralettes. I left a post asking if they thought that any of their products might work for me (most go to a G) and I got a lovely email from Luke, one of their brand managers. He asked me what bra size I am, then asked if I would mind them sending me out a bralette to try. This generosity blew me away.

When the bralette arrived I (and Dan, go figure) instantly fell in love with it. It is beautiful and made me feel so so pretty and feminine, and it looks lovely under a black vest top.

Tutti Rouge Gia bralette.

As you can see on the photo, their is plenty of band to support the girls, it is pulled on over your head, so no fastenings, and it has adjustable straps. The only problem I have found is a bit of my scar peeks out, but we are going to add a stitch to keep it pulled across which should cure that problem.

Please go check the Gia bralette and their other beautiful lingerie out (links at the end of the post).. I am definitely going to be doing a shop when I get chance to purchase more of their amazing products.

Thank you so much Luke and the team at Tuttie Rouge for making my day more beautiful!

Instagram – https://instagram.com/tuttirougelingerie?utm_medium=copy_link

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/tuttirouge/

Website – https://www.tuttirouge.com/?gclid=CjwKCAjwrPCGBhALEiwAUl9X0yVE3KLzwuweEGW6Eug1fsB6Ic9BPIfOryQuWglc181kD2XbpltNwhoCjR4QAvD_BwE


“Why is there a kid in here?”…..

Did you know that you can recycle a bouncy castle and a paddle/swimming pool? Me neither until yesterday!

We are currently homeschooling again with a 10 day isolation for both kids as someone at breakfast club tested positive. This is not a pleasant experience, Colby really struggles with schooling, and Moo hates when I have to pay him attention. By the end of the day….

Taken from an internet search.

I am tee-total, so I had a bottle of Lucozade instead. I also had some down time searching across the net where I came across this company who make AMAZING bags/pouches etc. How beautiful is this bag (I REALLY want one!)


These bags are made from recycled swimming/paddling pool and bouncy castles, how cool is that. Use and reuse.

I considered sending our old pools in to them, and rolling the kids inside them first, but. apparently I cannot do that however.

You mean I cannot recycle the kids into a new bike?

Check out my Instagram post about this amazing company, and have a look at their website and Instagram page.

My Instagram post https://www.instagram.com/p/CQqmVh7AvJs/?utm_medium=copy_link

Wyatt and Jack website – https://www.wyattandjack.com/

Wyatt & Jack Instagram https://instagram.com/wyattandjack?utm_medium=copy_link


Kiss my pizza loving a** Pizza Hut, you just lost my business. 👩🏼‍🦼🍕

I love pizza, I could eat pizza for breakfast, dinner (lunch to people outside the UK), tea (evening meal) and for supper. I have an intolerance to gluten and dairy, which as you can imagine, makes eating pizza difficult, HOWEVER Pizza Hut came up with a method to remedy my lack of pizza. At least once a month we, as a family treat will order 2 family pizzas, sides, a individual meal for me and a drink. I could have my favourite, ham and pineapple (I know, go for it and throw the disgust at me) on gluten free base with vegan cheese, and it was frankly yummy!

During lockdown our Hut got rid of all their drivers, which meant we had to go through Uber or Just Eat.

I’m not sure if it’s common in other places, but we have a reward system where you could earn “slices” and if they built up you could get a full family sized pizza. During the covid lockdown, I was housebound due to my health and couldn’t get to our Hut. My slices expired (bearing in mind I couldn’t contact them directly to ask for the slices to be used) and now they have re-installed their drivers and ordering system I decided we would have pizza on Friday. Imagine my shock when the slices have gone. I was basically told it was tough, I lost them and I could have travelled (in a wheelchair) 20 minutes to go collect the pizza and use my slices!

Bellow are images of the conversation I had with a member of the staff – I won’t be eating with the company anymore.


The dangers of an Izzi monster!

Isn’t she beautiful!

This is Miss Izzi one of our beautiful cats. Izzi is a long haired British house cat, and she sheds like crazy. She also doesn’t know how to pad without retracting her claws, so I get scratched to pieces while she has cuddles. Today I didn’t use the blanket over me, so I look like a white and brown fluff ball!

My clothes – you cannot see it as well on my top due to the colour, but it’s covered!

Izzi and Yoda (her brother, I will include a photo of him later) were taken away from their mum too early. Because of this they didn’t learn to pad with their claws retracted, so we become a human pin cushion when they pad us. They also didn’t learn to groom themselves properly. We quite regularly have to shave big clumps of hair from her side, back, tummy and bum, which she doesn’t like, but it’s a necessity as they get really big and really tight.

Both cats are roughly 9 years old, and as of now they are both doing really well. Sure, life would be easier without them (sometimes they pee on furniture/the floor etc) but we love them just the way they are!

My names Yoda, I hate people unless they are mum and dad, and I shed white fur all over the house just like my sister!

Just for good measure, here is Ginger Biscuit the first, aka Cookie, our Syrian hamster

Sitting in the food jar!

I couldn’t say it better if I tried👩🏼‍🦼

It says it all!

I came across a post on Instagram today describing how some wonderful young ladies (I have the same problem, but I’m neither young or beautiful – and we cannot forget young men who have the same problems as we do) have people asking them why they are in a wheelchair when they are quite clearly ambulatory. This is her post…

A Instagram post from Wishbonewords – please go check out her social media when you get chance.


Some of you may not understand what ambulatory means, this is a good summery taken from https://accessiblerach.co.uk/what-is-am-ambulant-wheelchair-user/

What is an ambulant wheelchair user.

Next time you see someone stand from their wheelchair, or someone who looks “normal” sits in a disabled seat on the bus, think about what they may be masking, the pain, the anxiety, the depression, they may have ASD and be in a wheelchair to keep them safe, without asking them, you just don’t know. Just because we can use our legs sometimes, does not mean we are not disabled or that we do not need a wheelchair, a bus seat, or a parking space. Please think before you speak!

My partner thought he was hilarious!

What do you do when you…..

Have a broken wheelchair on the school run!

Excuse my resting bitch face!

Yep, this happened to me this morning. I noticed my chair was playing up when we first got out of the house. The lights for my battery power and speed were flashing and turning off as if the motor was set to off (pushing mode). I messed around and checked connections, and managed to get the kids to school. HOWEVER I turned the chair off to get the things from the back, and then when I turned it back on it wouldn’t move!

The yellow wire snapped – picture shows first stage repair

It turns out that the wire had got caught in the closing mechanism, and had literally been snapped in two. I am lucky that Dan is good at fixing things. We went to B&Q and picked up heat shrink, and to Screwfix and bought a heat gun. We came home and Dan twisted the wire together (picture above) and then soldered it to secure the connection (see picture below).


He then covered the join in heat shrink and heated it with the gun.

Heat shrinking.

Thank goodness it was Dan’s day off work or who knows what I would have done, I may have still been stuck at the kids school, and it’s currently raining!

Happy weekend to you all xx


Ooooooh what’s this mum? It tastes good!

Savoury Cookie!

Meet Ginger Biscuit the 3rd (also know as Cookie) our crazy Syrian Hamster. We have had Cookie since September 2019, and we believe he was roughly 6 months old when we adopted him as a rescue.

When we got him he was really tame, but we did have to work with him for a fair while before he would let us hold him. Being held isn’t his favourite past time, he would much rather try and escape, but he is happy to let the kids hold and stroke him.

His favourite foods are Whimzees dog toothbrushes, cheese, grapes and blueberries. It appears however, he may also have a love for chicken tikka masala and rice.

Cheeky hammy in the food bag!
Cuteness overload (in Moo’s toy car)

Hope you enjoyed meeting our littlest member of the family!


Muuuuuuuuum I can hear the ice cream van, can we have one???????

This image is one of my children’s favourite in the whole world……

Our local Mr Whippy van

The above image is of the ice cream vans that come on to our street. We have got to know the owners (more so Mr Whippy as he comes onto our street) of the company as their step-grandson is one of CJ’s best friends at school.

They do some amazing creations, including Nutella sundaes, sherbert cones, bubblegum sundaes, waffles, slushes, ice lollies….. the list goes on. In this house CJ usually had a single cone with 2 flakes (you get twice the amount of ice cream than you do with anyone else) and Moo goes between the sherbert cone with a flake (as does Dan, who likes bubblegum sauce on his too). My favourite, (even though I should not have it due to my intolerance to dairy) is a tub with a flake, juice and bits.

If you are near to the Castleford area, go look on their Facebook page, they also cater for weddings, parties, corporate events, fairs etc.



Magna-Tiles and Lego = hours of creativity! (not sponsored)

A house with a garage and a fenced garden.

Do your kids love to build? All three of my children love to build things (and knock them down, obviously, that’s the best bit) and their creativity and imagination blows me away.

The house above was made by Freya, my oldest step-daughter. She described it all to me in detail, what bit was the garage, garden etc and why she chose the tiles that she did. The pyramids represent the roof, the “fence” tiles are obviously the fence, and then she told me she had added the garage, and put a Lego car inside.

Queen Elizabeth Tower.

My youngest step-daughter Amelia (Moo) made the Queen Elizabeth Tower, we talked about the face that the bell inside is called Big Ben, not the actual clock tower. We also talked about how the clock is kept at the right time – do you know how? Leave your answers in the comments.

A house with a garage and a chair

This building was made by my son Colby (CJ). he made a house using the Lego, and then he re-thought and put a garage in for to store the cars. He also gave the person a seat to sit on in the room to watch the television.

What things did/do your kids make out of their building toys? I have included links for the products we used that were bought from Amazon (apart from the green base plate which was from an old Lego set.

Deal: Desire Deluxe Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks Construction Toys for Boys & Girls 47pc – STEM Learning Educational Toy for Kids Age 3 4 5 6 7 8 Year Old Gift https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07T1XJ6FR/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_HGR9WDBHPT0XYVSQ5VG3

Mega Bloks Mini Bulk Tub – Large https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07P8WQXJW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_7RPZ13E5GJ4QEG8R8NAN


I think I have a problem…… (not sponsored)


Those of you who know me well will know how much I love my Lucozade (I’m on a 900ml bottle a day). However, my favourite was not sugar free – until now. The only downside is that I cannot find anywhere to buy it from, so instead I went directly to Lucozade and bought 2 x 12 bottles of Lucozade Original Zero, and 2 x 12 bottles of the new Lucozade Tropical Zero (which only comes in small bottles and can be seen peeking at the back).

I think with the amount of money I spend on Lucozade they should be giving me a sponsorship or discount code! 😂

SIDE NOTE – Whilst I know lucozade isn’t as good for me as water etc, this is like my version of cigarettes or alcohol neither of which I consume.