Does anyone have £11,000 they want to donate to me?

I came across this absolute stunner on Instagram, it was being showcased by 3 Wheeled Rambler (https://instagram.com/3wheeledrambler?utm_medium=copy_link) and I instantly fell in love.

This as you can tell is the Trekinetic GTE, and it is just short of £13,000 and can be found here – https://trekinetic.com/

Oh my days I’m in love!

The only as you can tell is the price. This chair would allow me to do so much more. Don’t get me wrong, I love my chair and it’s great for day to day life, but my family are missing out on so much due to the fact that if it ain’t smooth tarmac, then I don’t move. They won’t to go biking, walk through the woods, go to the nature reserve etc, and either they cannot or I am left behind.

I’m not posting this post for sympathy, or money or anything other than sharing the stark reality of a disability and how equipment to enable our independence can disable it just as much by the cost. I only qualify for a manual chair, that my partner has to push me in, defeats the purpose a little.

Please go over and check out 3 Wheeled Rambler (link above) and trekinetic (https://instagram.com/trekinetic?utm_medium=copy_link)


End of year gifts, do parents pay too much?

When I worked in education (for 20 years) I NEVER got an end of the year gift. I worked primarily with special needs and deaf children, and often didn’t get to see the parents or families more than once a year. I didn’t work in education for presents, don’t get me wrong there, but watching teacher receiving 35+ presents made me wonder just how much parents actually spend.

Amelia had her teacher and 2 teaching assistants in her class this year, Colby had his teacher and a higher level teaching assistant.

I wasn’t going to do presents to start with, simply because I couldn’t afford it, but then had a thought, why not make my own.

I have been dabbling with nabbi bead art for a while, and I decided to put this skill (and Dan’s ironing skills – I cannot manage an iron with my wrist/arm pain) to use, these are the presents I made. I did cards for all 5 members of staff, and they also go a box of chocolates.

Colby was in Turtles class
Amelia was in Elephant class

Then I had a think about extra presents for the teachers who did so much over this year for all the kids, and these are what I made. They are far from perfect, but I’m really happy with how they turned out.

Door plaques

I have been told that I should make things and sell them. I could do cards, hair clips (I already made one for Moo which I’ll include a photo of at the end), key rings, badges, magnets etc. What do you think?

Not perfect but she loves it!

SIX whole week……. SIX!!!

6 week holidays start today!

Today my Mouse completed his last day in year 3, and my Moomin completed her last day in Year 1.

It’s been a crazy school year, the children spent January to April at home, and we had a few isolation periods too where they were home due to members of their bubble testing positive for covid. This has had an effect on the children (more so CJ than Moo due to his additional needs) learning wise, but they have both worked so hard.

We now have 6 weeks where the children are at home for their summer holidays. We have a few trips away planned, it’s Dan and Moo’s birthday (35 and 6) and I’m sure we will spend a lot of time in the garden (hopefully in the pool), going to the local parks, and in the back street with the kids next door and their bikes. The children next door are the same age as CJ (in the same class at school) and one year younger than Moo, and they get on great. We will also go visit my best girl and her mum (my sister from another set of parents) at the seaside.

Throw some ideas at me for good things to keep kids (8 and nearly 6) busy. I told them we may be able to make slime (but not bring it into the house), and we may go swimming to the new pool in Pontefract.

I hope all those with kids have a good 6 weeks – I might not have any hair by the time they go back to school – wish me luck!


Super proud mummy alert!

Report day

Today is parent review day for my eldest and youngest and to say I am proud is an understatement, I’m bursting with pride!

The girl thing, has been marked as expected but her teacher said really she is working above expectation, she just didn’t want to put too much pressure on her.. She got 37/40 in her mock phonics assessment. She is polite, well mannered, always happy to help her friends and staff, and she said her confidence and her independence have grown massively this year from the girl who tried to get you to help her with everything to the girl who is just about completely working on her own! She agrees she was ready for year 2 back at Easter said she said her next teacher works the same as she does so will be perfect for Moo. The one thing to work on is the fact she never stops talking – it’s the same at home so I know the problem well. She ended by saying that she is just going succeed in anything she does.

The boy thing really struggles with school we are still waiting on ADHD/ASD, and he has Sensory Processing Disorder, but he is working toward in reading,. In literacy he needs someone with him to remind him to put capitals, full stops, punctuation etc when he does independent work for english, but he knows all the grammar etc and if they give him it to organise he can do it every time. In maths again he can tell them answers verbally if they sit with him (he does maths with his teacher a lot and they sit with him) but if they leave him unsupervised he just writes any old answer. They are saying he needs a scribe when he comes to tests, and they gave him one for these and he did well. They said he is never naughty as that he is a lovely polite well mannered boy and all his class love him. He did say he has been a lot more stressed and using his chew/fidget more this half term, but he agrees it is understandable with all the ups and downs of isolation.

All in all my kids are just simply amazing!


July 19th 2021 – is it too soon!

A photo taken of British people protesting lockdown

On Monday 19th July 2021 life in the UK is to go back to “normal” no more masks, no more restrictions, pubs and clubs can open as they please, as can restaurants, with no maximum number, people can have parties and mix with others they may or may not know.

The thing that they are not telling you is that numbers are shooting through the roof. Where I live near Leeds, one of our main hospitals is already full with covid+ patients, the 2nd is on its way to being full, the staff have been put on high alert (which means my partner’s department will be closed and he will have to transfer to other areas to cover the staff needed to cover covid icu).

I did a poll on my Instagram the other day, and lots of friends say they will carry on wearing masks. The NHS have also made the suggestion that all its staff are expected to wear a mask whenever out, and treat it as though we haven’t eased restrictions.

They are predicting a steep incline (and it has already had a massive upturn with more cases in the last week then we had last autumn, and to be honest, I’m expecting to be back in lockdown again by the end of September.

Stay safe and please be responsible for the sake of my partner, his colleagues and all of us who are compromised due to disabilities.


Devastated nation…… disgusting “fans”

Did your kids stay up last night to watch the big match? Did you stay up to watch the match? Are you going to be dealing with grumpy, tired kids?

I’m not a football (soccer for my followers outside the UK) fan, neither really are Dan or Moo (we watch it, but not religiously, I’m a rugby league girl), CJ however loves football. Last night I told the kids they could stay up late to watch the final, and we watched it together (did I jinx it by doing so? Hmmmmm!). The hopes of the whole nation were piled on the shoulders of a team of amazing young men. If they won the cup, would it make having to deal with the covid pandemic that little bit easier? Maybe it would have.

When we scored in the second minute, I thought we stood a chance, the team played strongly as a unit, but Italy managed to slip a goal past Jordan Pickford in the second half when to be fair, the team seemed to be lacking the spark of the first half (that is only my opinion). If it hadn’t been for him however it might have been a different story with more goals.

When we got to penalties, 5 amazing young men stepped up to do their best, and I’m sure every England fan will agree, they have a bright future ahead of them.

HOWEVER – three of those players had to deal with racial abuse after last nights match, it’s disgusting, and intolerable. Marcus Rachford (23, born in Manchester), Jadon Sancho (21, born in Camberwell London) and Bukayo Sake (19, born in Ealing London) stepped up in front of all of the nation, and millions of people all over the world to take penalties, they missed, does that give the right to abuse someone? Some so called fans think it does (the same as some people think it’s ok to abuse disabled people), luckily they are the minority and hopefully they are being dealt with accordingly. These players were born in the UK, their skin colour doesn’t make them different. From what I have read, Southgate asked them to take the penalties and they said yes. Many argue that they were thrown under the bus – what do you think?

As a side note – it was lovely to see their team mate Kelvin Phillips rushing straight over to console the young players – kudos to him.

No matter what, I am proud of these young men and they should be proud of themselves too


Who are you to judge our hobbies?

I logged on to both my Instagram and Facebook account this morning to find this posted by a close friend

Posted by my friend Isa/Liz

Isa/Liz makes video content using online gaming platforms, mainly Second Life. Her videos are amazing (I should know, I played second life for a long long time, that is how we met, and I am in some of the videos).

Isa/Liz has always suspected that people made fun of this, but finally got concrete proof. This not only saddens me, but it infuriates me too. What gives someone the right to tease another person about some thing they are good at, and something they love and also aids their mental health? Would they like it if we took the piss out of their hobby, maybe they crochet or knit, if we called them a “Granny” would they like it? If they play “video games” (like Dan does – he gets called a geek by us, his family, but he calls himself that too) would they like it if we called them names? If they are a musician (I am and I have had this more than once) would they like it if we made comments about that? The answer is no, they wouldn’t. So what makes it right for them to do so? The answer is NOTHING.

This is Liz/Isa’s YouTube channel – go over and check some of her amazing work out, tell her that I sent you! https://youtube.com/c/IsabelleCheren

Just think, next time you are opening your mouth to criticise someone, shut it and think first, wether it be to their face or behind their back, what you say will always get back to them. Also remember, what goes around comes around!

This is my Second Life avatar



Let’s talk hair……

I have long hair, and to be perfectly honest, I am a failure as a female. I am rubbish when it comes to styling my hair.

My hair is usually chucked up into a mum bun

Mum bun (excuse the face).

Here is my hair freshly cut…..

Freshly cut

And here is it down now…..

It’s never been this long before.

Anyhow, as I was saying, I’m rubbish with styling it. I left my hair down the other day with just my front tied up…..

Naturally dried in a mum bun then left down.

And when we went on holiday I managed this….

Band braid

I am told I should be drying my hair before I go to bed (I never dry my hair, I cannot hold the hair dryer it’s too heavy) so not sure how I would get round it. I have been told to try one of the Revlon One dryers, but I don’t have the funds to get something that may not work for me.

Can anyone recommend simple styles that are not just a mum bun? Or tools that will make my hair look better? My hair is really fine, but there is loads of it!

Just to make you laugh – I got caught in the rain!

Rainy hair day

The look of pain and a high temperature…..

It isn’t pretty is it

I don’t know about anyone else with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue, but I’m really struggling at the moment. The air feels thick and my head is banging. I’m so tired, but yet I cannot sleep, no matter how hard I try. I am thirsty, then I need a wee, then I’m in pain, then I’m thirsty again, then I need another wee…… it’s never ending in a loop, and I am so fed up of it all.

We had a massive storm here on Saturday night, and my headache cleared almost immediately and stayed away for a few hours before returning again, but the relief for those few hours was much needed.

A few tips I can share to help with headaches/migraines…..

1 – make sure to drink plenty. It needs to be water/juice based if possible.

2 – take paracetamol (I think it’s Tylenol in other places) with caffeine as it makes the tablets work quicker.

3 – use ice packs on your forehead/neck.

4 – try a cooling towel, I love mine, also maybe a cooling mat to lay on.

5 – try a cold eye mask, I have mine in the fridge.

6 – if you have prescribed medication, take it as soon as you feel you need to, don’t wait until you are in severe pain.

Some thing you won’t think will help – I get horrendous vomiting with my migraines, my medication is administered via a nasal spray, as I cannot keep the tablets down as I vomit so much. I also use travel bands, they seriously do help with more than just travel sickness!

I have linked the products I use on a regular basis below, they can all be found at Amazon.

Koolpak Original Instant Ice Packs (10) https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0168L51GW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_572W66DR297AZRX6NFS1


Sea-Band Adult Wristband Natural Nausea Relief, 1 Pair, Colors May Vary, Anti-Nausea Acupressure Wristband for Travel or Morning Sickness https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B001F731N0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_792MCAJTZDC2SSTV0ER3

Cooling Towel(40″x12″) Microfiber Towel Yoga Towel for Men or Women Ice Cold Towels for Yoga Gym Travel Camping Golf Football & Outdoor Sports https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0882RL9KY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_8CJS1D739CQ640P7N128?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1


Look mum, I can play with poppits too!

Enough said, I don’t need to say anything, the actions tell a thousand stories! This is our little old man Ginger Biscuit the 3rd (also know as Cookie.

Cookie is our rescue Syrian hamster. We got him in October 2019 and we were told he was roughly 6 months old. We are starting to see him slowing down, and noticing signs of old age, however he is still quick off the go to get to food or one of his favourite whimzee treats. We even found a hole in the back of his house where he had chewed himself a back door!

We will all be devestated when this beautiful old man leaves us to cross the rainbow bridge as he is so gentle, he even sits on the kids knees and lets them handle him, and kids are not always gentle.

Look at me on my poppit, CJ’s not getting this back!
This is not long after we got him, he liked to help himself to food.
My empty bra pocket makes an amazing hammock.
Doing some work!