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Mental and physical health time needed – now to start the battle…..

You might have noticed that I have been extremely quiet for a fair time – that is because my physical and mental health have taken a major dive. My mobility is becoming more and more restricted, my foot is tilting more as I walk, which is then effecting my hips, knees and back, and the pain is now constant. I am also stuck in the house as my chair is not suitable enough to use on my own unless its at a shop or something where I am not near a road/slope, since my last post I have fallen out a few times.

I had a video consultation last week with the Chronic Fatigue Service at Leeds, and they have said they think I do have some symptoms of M.E however they don’t want to officially diagnose me, but they have put lots of things into writing to get my GP to do with me, this includes physio and Occupational Therapy. Hopefully this might help with my wheelchair needs as they can apply for some grants for me, however it still doesn’t mean I will get anything. I am speaking to a fatigue management nurse in April to see if they can suggest anything to help.

So yeah……. that’s where I am now. I still have my GoFundMe running. You can click the link to go directly to my page.

Take care, and stay safe, don’t forget to kiss and hug your loved ones, and tell them you love them during this crazy time in the world.

lots of love from me xxx

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