Devastated nation…… disgusting “fans”

Did your kids stay up last night to watch the big match? Did you stay up to watch the match? Are you going to be dealing with grumpy, tired kids?

I’m not a football (soccer for my followers outside the UK) fan, neither really are Dan or Moo (we watch it, but not religiously, I’m a rugby league girl), CJ however loves football. Last night I told the kids they could stay up late to watch the final, and we watched it together (did I jinx it by doing so? Hmmmmm!). The hopes of the whole nation were piled on the shoulders of a team of amazing young men. If they won the cup, would it make having to deal with the covid pandemic that little bit easier? Maybe it would have.

When we scored in the second minute, I thought we stood a chance, the team played strongly as a unit, but Italy managed to slip a goal past Jordan Pickford in the second half when to be fair, the team seemed to be lacking the spark of the first half (that is only my opinion). If it hadn’t been for him however it might have been a different story with more goals.

When we got to penalties, 5 amazing young men stepped up to do their best, and I’m sure every England fan will agree, they have a bright future ahead of them.

HOWEVER – three of those players had to deal with racial abuse after last nights match, it’s disgusting, and intolerable. Marcus Rachford (23, born in Manchester), Jadon Sancho (21, born in Camberwell London) and Bukayo Sake (19, born in Ealing London) stepped up in front of all of the nation, and millions of people all over the world to take penalties, they missed, does that give the right to abuse someone? Some so called fans think it does (the same as some people think it’s ok to abuse disabled people), luckily they are the minority and hopefully they are being dealt with accordingly. These players were born in the UK, their skin colour doesn’t make them different. From what I have read, Southgate asked them to take the penalties and they said yes. Many argue that they were thrown under the bus – what do you think?

As a side note – it was lovely to see their team mate Kelvin Phillips rushing straight over to console the young players – kudos to him.

No matter what, I am proud of these young men and they should be proud of themselves too

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