Kiss my pizza loving a** Pizza Hut, you just lost my business. 👩🏼‍🦼🍕

I love pizza, I could eat pizza for breakfast, dinner (lunch to people outside the UK), tea (evening meal) and for supper. I have an intolerance to gluten and dairy, which as you can imagine, makes eating pizza difficult, HOWEVER Pizza Hut came up with a method to remedy my lack of pizza. At least once a month we, as a family treat will order 2 family pizzas, sides, a individual meal for me and a drink. I could have my favourite, ham and pineapple (I know, go for it and throw the disgust at me) on gluten free base with vegan cheese, and it was frankly yummy!

During lockdown our Hut got rid of all their drivers, which meant we had to go through Uber or Just Eat.

I’m not sure if it’s common in other places, but we have a reward system where you could earn “slices” and if they built up you could get a full family sized pizza. During the covid lockdown, I was housebound due to my health and couldn’t get to our Hut. My slices expired (bearing in mind I couldn’t contact them directly to ask for the slices to be used) and now they have re-installed their drivers and ordering system I decided we would have pizza on Friday. Imagine my shock when the slices have gone. I was basically told it was tough, I lost them and I could have travelled (in a wheelchair) 20 minutes to go collect the pizza and use my slices!

Bellow are images of the conversation I had with a member of the staff – I won’t be eating with the company anymore.

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